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Gaiagroup UK: Reducing Construction Site Fuel By 50%...

Background.   Gaiagroup UK have been pioneering the design and supply of remote and off-grid power systems since 2011.  From their very first Solawedge products to their latest Solatainer, Gaiagroup UK is at the forefront of renewable energy innovation.  Their mission is to reduce the environmental impact and fuel consumption of construction sites across the UK.  But it’s tricky business.  Balancing optimum working conditions for construction site staff with managing power consumption and environmental impact is a tough gig.  And it’s just the type of gig we love.  The brief.  Gaiagroup UK came to us with the concept of an IOT (Thats means Internet Of Things, by the way) platform. It needed to measure, monitor, and manage power distribution across construction sites. It also needed to maintain optimum conditions while minimising the site’s carbon footprint. Gaiagroup UK knew there had to be a way – and if there was a way, we’d find it. Spoiler: they were right. #ThinkPurple Solution. We put Gaiagroup UK’s smart distribution IOT concept through our incubator to transform the concept into a prototype that would then become a product – known today as Automate.  But let us elaborate.  Working closely with the client, we redesigned both the hardware and software with maximum accuracy, reliability, scalability and power control in mind. The result is a Power Distribution and Management IOT Platform that’s been designed to reduce CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and generator size on small to large construction projects. It uses sensors, actuators and software to measure, monitor and control power consumption across multiple portacabins on a construction site. It also intuitively diverts power away from non-essential supplies, and supplies additional power where and when it’s needed. It’s adaptable design also means it can be retrofitted with existing power distribution systems, or custom-fitted inside cabins to measure, monitor and control non-essential power (such as heating and drying facilities). We also created diagnostic dashboards that accurately deliver end-to-end reporting of data using both Automate and the Cloud. In fact, we became so impressed with the sheer scope of this project that we at Vindico decided to invest in the product. Today, Automate helps over a dozen construction sites reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by 50%. That’s a huge saving for both organisations and the environment. “When I came to Vindico, I had a concept, a deep understanding of an industry, logic of how the functions work – but that wasn’t enough. The guys at Vindico had the intelligence to understand where my brain was, pick it apart and put it back together again as lines of code. “Their whole process is remarkable. This product wouldn’t have worked if I’d have gone to any other developer.” – Jamie Morris, Founder of GaiaGroup UK   Got an idea that could drive the next big change? Get in touch to see how our #ThinkPurple solutions can transform basic ideas into

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