What We Do

“New problems need new solutions. Old problems need new solutions even more.”Seth Godin


Delivering a strategic plan is one of the most important things any organisation, regardless of size can undertake. A well-formulated and executed strategy establishes the foundations against which the organisation can create, monitor and measure their success.
We take the steps to understand your business, then your environment before helping you create and implement your vision for your organisation.

Tech & Systems

We have a solid foundation in technology offering comprehensive Support Agreements 365/24/7 as well as providing on site assistance for large scale events.

Our services include WiFi, Networking, Digital, CCTV, Comms and Training.
Partners of Google, Microsoft, Cisco and many more we can offer a scalable solution for your Tech and communication challenges.

Digital & Design

We are a creative company.
Brand and design is now an essential part of development in all areas from Software to Web Design. Our in house team design everything from Digital Signage Adverts to full eCommerce platforms while our expertise in utlising technology to deliver brand projects sets us apart from other design agencies.


Keep it simple.
It's that common mantra that has led us to create our own platforms in market niches.
Whether it's integration or complete bespoke platforms for our clients we understand that unless we deliver a system simpler than what you are used to and add further utility the chances for success are slim.

How we work.

1 We Listen.
Over the years we have been on both sides on the table when it comes to seeking out new solutions and have found one thing in common, "experts" and consultants always seem more interested in what they can provide than what your company actually needs. Suffering this first hand has given us a greater understanding of the difficulties in implementing any changes, no matter how obviously beneficial they may be.

2 We Assess.
We will look at your market, research your aims, your customers, your previous work, the technology available, anything needed to get a clear understanding of your requirements and the possible opportunities available.
We will always try to utilise underused resources already present if possible, and if Tech Systems are required, we will always look to open source solutions first.

3 We Deliver.
We will present you with our recommendations, laid out in a pre agreed format, completely free of technical jargon if required.
We are much more focused on the project succeeding that you understanding why we are using Node instead of Java, or PHP instead of ASP.
We will ensure you understand all the information required to make the right choice for your business.

“If you have always done it that way, it is probably wrong.”Charles Kettering