Play Anything, Anywhere


For hotels, bars, restaurants, POS and all other venues using TV's.

VindiShow TV

For live events, public information and large screen control

VindiShow Ultra

Play Anything? Really?

If you want to play the banjo on Mars we can’t quite help you there, but if you want to play any type of media on any type of display, we are pretty sure we have it covered.

VindiShow was designed with that very premise in mind. Our clients had a wide variety of urgent needs for better ways of displaying media and information on digital screens.

After going to market on their behalf we couldn't find that "one stop shop" that would satisfy their requirements, so in true Vindico Fashion, we built it.


VindiShow TV

cloud controlled digital signage control that works with any HDMI enabled TV.

VindiShow TV is fully controlled from it's web interface meaning once it's set up on your network you can control it from any web enabled device including your phone.

VindiShow TV plays everything from Youtube to powerpoint presentations and all image formats.

All media is downloaded to the VindiShow TV Player allowing it to run offline, ideal for remote POS and Expos.

The in built drag and drop scheduler allows for easy planning of your marketing material.

We can even help you format all your current assets ready for VindiShow  TV.


As used by


VindiShow ULTRA


designed for the live information environment. from stadium large screen control to public information.

VindiShow Ultra gives simple control, to normally complicated media requirements.

We take 4K or HD video feeds, using broadcast standards, and using a mix of open source and licensed software give the end user the simplest of control interfaces, an iPad.

Since 2016 the large stadium screen at Parc y Scarlets, home of the 2017 PR012 Rugby Champions, has been controlled entirely from a single ipad mini.

Every try, every cut to replay, every tweet and every advert has been controlled soley by one individual from pitchside.

This is just one way our simple control has been utilised, as you can see by the case study below.



In 2017 Arriva came to Vindico with a unique problem. Cardiff Central Station is among the busiest stations in the UK on an event day, due to the location and it being the only station in the centre. Some event have upwards of 40,000 passengers queuing. 

Keeping that many customers informed was a challenge, and Arriva had taken the steps to install Screens in each of the external queuing areas informing the public of the next train. This was done with a laptop connected to each TV, and PowerPoint, manually edited each time there was a change.

We did what we always do, took a blank piece of paper and asked, "What do you want to achieve?"

The answer was simple, they needed one, not six, people to control a system and ideally from a single location.

The video testimonial from Chris Davey, Head of Customer Communications on the right can tell you how we delivered such an outcome.



We'd love to discuss your media and live information challenges, we are sure we have only scratched the surface of what's possible with our platform. With the help of new challenges we can push the boundaries of what is currently possible.

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