CRiB: Enhancing Crowd Safety and Resilience

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Background. Terrorism. Not a month goes by without the buzzword popping up somewhere in the press. It’s also one of the key reasons why the CRiB project was created. #ThinkPurple  / K Sharp Insight. Led by our partners K Sharp, … Read More

WRU: Using SWAPP Lite to Bring Rugby Back To Wales

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Background. Live Welsh sport is slowly creeping back onto our screens. But even with games being played behind closed doors, there’s still a huge responsibility to keep teams, staff, contractors, and broadcasters safe. With people travelling from all over the … Read More

Barcud: Designing a new website during a pandemic

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Background. Designing and delivering a website is no easy feat. Designing and delivering a website during a pandemic poses even more challenges. So, when Tai Ceredigion and Mid-Wales Housing Association merged to become Barcud in the middle of the COVID-19 … Read More

Techniquest: Extending the Digital Outreach of Science

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Background. Techniquest is Wales’ leading Science Museum. Its cutting-edge exhibits, interactive experiences, and world-wide reputation attracts school children and families from across the country. The science hub’s experts also work closely with schools and teachers to provide services that complement formal … Read More