Software Development

From custom software to mobile applications, we work with you to transform your vision into tangible products that help you achieve your business goals.

Using our signature #ThinkPurple approach – which means asking better questions to deliver better outcomes – we work with you to discover exactly what you need to generate the results you want.

From software-only and API to hardware, IOT connectivity and everything in between – we bring the latest technologies that will let your business gain a competitive edge.

Here’s how…

Vindico over-delivered. The scope kept changing and they continually added the requests to the system with smiles on their faces. SWAPP has totally transformed and improved contractor and visitor management for us at Transport for Wales - especially from a safety point of view in a very safety critical industry
Kieran Hickman, Transport for Wales
  • Startup Software Development

    We understand the challenges startups face, we've been there too! The exitement of a fantastic idea, you have a route to market but you need the expertise to help move from potential to product. We are there for you.

  • Application Development

    Working in Javascript, NodeJS, Vue among others. We are entirel agnostic and design platforms using the language and technology to deliver the required result. We are continually evolving our skillset to stay ahead of the curve.

  • Mobile Development

    Progressive Web Apps are the fastest growing mobile applications on the planet. We love their versatility and ability to scale at pace to keep up with demand. Let us share this passion with your mobile development challenge.

  • Integration

    Great software in a silo can never reach it's potential. We have experience in sport, industry, transport and commercial sectors bringing platforms together, adding automation and delivering efficiency.

  • Modernise Existing Applications

    We will always to look improve what you have before throwing the baby out the bath water. The first start of this process is to fully understand your current capabilities, then work together to ask, is that enough?

  • Process Reviews & Specifications

    Last on out list, but by far and away the most important task to ensure success of any project. All our work starts with this exercise and is followed by a break option, you can take what we learn to any developer, although that's never happened yet!

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