Tech and Support

Better Business Through Better IT


Vindico was born from Tech and Support

As a provider of tech and support services to some of the largest brands in Wales, Vindico has seen year on year growth since its inception forming long standing and trusted relationships with their clients who include Transport for Wales, LSN,  Andrew Scott, Scarlets, and Swansea University.

It's this close working relationship with our clients, as if it was our business too,  that gave birth to our Think Purple methodology.

We never propose a solution, no matter how small, without understanding it's impact on the business and where that fits in to the overall business roadmap.

  • Service Level Agreements

    Timely Technical help and support is essential for the healthy running of any business. We work to become an “in house-out of house” department within your company, learning what is needed ahead of time to put in place the changes needed as you grow. Firefighting is a last resort.

  • Network Infrastructure

    All requirements including everyone’s favourite, WiFi! We’ve install and maintain networks in a range of challenging environments from stadiums to industrial plants and factories.

  • Digital Signage & Video Walls

    A massive growth industry and we are proud to have created our own low cost distribution system, Vindishow. Used in Receptions, Stadiums, Bakers and Theatres, it’s versatility is only matched by it’s simplicity of install. – Read More.

  • Reviews and Assessments

    Are throwing good money after bad? Sometime a “drains up” is need to understand the underlying IT issues within your business. We can provide an unbiased view and assessment of your tech environment and document areas for prioritisation and potential opportunity.

  • Venue and Event Support

    Our Support team delivers onsite support and back up for Regional and National events. We have over 20 years experience of working in stadiums and venues and continue to drive new and innovative solutions through our work in this sector.

  • Communications

    For our SLA customers we also offer the service of line and telecoms provision. This ensures a closed loop for support issues and enables us to deal with any and all issues swiftly for minimal business impact.

Some of our happy clients