Vindico become Tech Wales Advocates!

Vindico joins forces with Tech Wales Advocates to support the nation’s fellow tech leaders.

We at Vindico are excited to announce that we’ve become Tech Wales Advocates. Tech Wales Advocates is a grassroots community of tech leaders who have joined forces to support the tech ecosystem in Wales. The non-profit supports founders and entrepreneurs in Wales and provides a platform that helps them connect with investors.

So, it ticks all the boxes for Vindico.

We at Vindico are champions for change. Change is a huge part of everything we do. From taking a unique #ThinkPurple approach to the projects we deliver to promoting greater equality and opportunities within the tech sector. We’re committed to using our position as Tech Wales Advocates to not just throw the spotlight on these issues, but to be a driving force for change. And we do this through leading by example and shouting about it as loud as we can.

The future is bright for Welsh tech.

Never have we seen so much innovation and tech talent coming out of Wales. We’re just not very good at telling the world about it.

But why?

Although the sector may be small in Wales, we at Vindico really believe that our size is a benefit to innovation.

“Small wheels turn faster than big ones,” insists Vindico MD, Jo Polson.

“They also have a greater ability to stop, pivot, and adapt to change than larger, more cumbersome competitors.

“If we can use this fully to our advantage, I see no reason why Wales cannot be the next innovation powerhouse of the UK – and beyond – we just need to get better at shouting about it!”

You can find out more about how we at Vindico are driving big change through our smart software and tech solutions by clicking here.

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