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Think Air is now the largest background Air Quality Network in Wales!

Let us take you through the why, the how and the what next! We will share what we've learned so far and why this is such an important data source.

In early 2021 Think Air expanded in to Agriculture measuring Ammonia and Nitrates and the flexibility of the modular monitor system was put to the test (only barely, still loads left in the tank!)


We know we have a duty of care for tenants, employees and visitors but are we doing enough to create a safe internal environment?

We will cover our research in Elite Sport, office environments as well as social housing while also touching on ventilation, being very relevant as we return from home working to the office spaces.


Creating champions of change for the current and future challenges!

See a full demo of our Schools kit and hear from the children and teachers as they share their feedback on our Think Air Schools Kit.

#THINKPURPLE- To Deliver Better Outcomes by Asking Better Questions