Think Air Rolls Out Across Seven Counties

This expansion means we’re on track to having the largest live air quality network in Wales!

The next two weeks will see Think Air  expand its network across Pembrokeshire, Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot, Carmarthenshire, Newport, Caerphilly and Suffolk.

No points for guessing the odd one out.

No, Suffolk isn’t in Wales (or at least it wasn’t the last time we checked), but it’s an exceptional project (and a little bit special), so we’ll reveal the details in a separate blog post very soon.

But back to Wales…

These locations have been carefully selected to add to our urban/rural monitoring sensor web, which tracks particulates locally as they travel across Wales.

Sounds technical, doesn’t it?

And it is. In fact, it’s the only project in the UK to take on the challenge. It’s changing the way we understand – and measure – the impact at a local level. It’s also helping us recognise the factors that are out of our control – such as pollution blowing in from the South and East of England, as well as Northern Europe – and how we can better prepare for these circumstances.

The latest expansion of Think Air will help provide a more accurate picture of background air pollution levels, which, in turn, helps make local pollution-reducing initiatives more achievable. You’ll be able to find out more about this in an upcoming white paper.

But on to the expansion…

“The engagement with local businesses who want to play their part in our project has totally blown us away,” says Vindico MD, Jo Polson.

“We are yet to speak to a single business who doesn’t want to help if they can.”

Our latest locations include Llety Rafel Farm in Neath, which is home to Bee1 , who are dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of bees for our ecosystem. They work with schools and businesses across Wales, and they also happen to make the most fantastic honey we have ever tasted!

They’re also a corporate partner of Niche , who will be providing us with our superb new Think Air location in Newport. The forward-thinking independent financial advisors are leading the way for corporate social responsibility in their field. They’ll also be helping us broadcast live Air Quality information direct to their digital billboard that faces the M4.

Further West Mark Davies of Kanso Business will be providing us with the location and power to bring Think Air to Cross Inn near Laugharne in Carmarthenshire.

These new locations mean we are on track to reaching our live air quality network targets, but we still have opportunities to partner with other forward-thinking business across Wales.

Want to get involved? Click here to drop us a line to see how you can do business for good by being part of Think Air.