Seven ways SWAPP saves businesses time

As businesses look to become more efficient – here’s how SWAPP’s helping organisations to streamline their processes and save valuable time.

We created SWAPP (Smart Workplace Application) back in 2020 as a direct response to the pandemic. But it quickly became apparent that we weren’t just solving new safety issues posed by COVID. We were also tackling old efficiency issues that were costing businesses valuable time, manpower, and money, too.

Fast-forward to today, and as we return to workplaces, SWAPP’s become a key feature for business transformation.

Because businesses ranging from start-ups to enterprise-level organisations to arenas are driving change, with maximum efficiency, optimum safety, and employee wellbeing at the forefront.

Here’s seven ways that SWAPP’s helping businesses to streamline their processes and save valuable time, too:

1. Automated contractor and sub-contractor management

The gig economy is having a bit of a moment. But managing contractors, sub-contractors, and freelancers has never been easy. SWAPP’s simple dashboard is giving brands including the WRU, Principality Stadium, and Transport for Wales full visibility of every person on sight. An added permit module also offers pre-approval and communication and allows gig workers to register in advance and confirm that they’re safe to attend a venue.

2. Simple sign in/out feature

Manually signing in and out of workplaces, sites, arenas take time. And all those extra minutes add up. SWAPP’s easy sign in/out feature can be rolled out across all offices and sites, for staff, visitors, and contractors alike. It’s also helping some of our clients get rid of old-fashioned sign in books for good!

3. Accreditation (and permit to work creation)

 Managing Access is critical for large businesses and venues – especially ones with restricted areas. SWAPP’s accreditation module allows third parties to manage their staff access requirements, which can then be approved by the business before staff attend the site. It then lets businesses generated passes in both digital and / or printed formats.

4. Casual Staff Management

Whether it’s labourers, media, hospitality workers, or stewards, SWAPP allows the management of casual staff for all types of events. Once you’ve created your event, SWAPP lets you send a notification to all staff, allowing them to declare their availability for the event – which gives organisations a more accurate picture of staff availability.  Linked with the SWAPP In / Out feature, you can track staff before an event and when they arrive. This also links to payroll to get a timestamped start and end time for shifts.

5. Site dashboards (providing info on who is where, and key project information)

Custom dashboards give staff and management a data-led visual view of how their business is running. It allows management to make quick decisions and lets staff efficiently react to incoming requests.

Designed to run on mobile, desktop, and TV, the dashboards can be designed to suit specific department, or to specific data requirements, which lets users to drill down to the detail they need.

Our VindiShow TV signage platform can also be used to enhance SWAPP’s dashboards –allowing you to visualise your organisation’s information in useful, actionable charts and numbers.

6. Reporting and observations

One of SWAPP’s most widely used features, the simple reporting function within the app allows all staff and contractors to take pictures and make notes on a variety of business-related tasks and topics. Whether it’s cleaning or maintenance issues, accidents and incidents, near misses, or IT related problems, this useful feature lets businesses address, adapt, and solve quickly and efficiently.

7. Integrated document viewer

How many times have you searched your inbox for an attachment or piece of information that you can’t seem to place? Our SWAPP clients had the same complaint – and it was using up time that could be better used elsewhere. SWAPP’s integrated document viewer means you can get your hands on the right documents swiftly and easily – without having to hunt for them.

Could your business be saving time and operating more efficiently? Click here to drop us a line and see how SWAPP can transform your productivity.  

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