New WRU Collaboration Is Another Try for Vindico’s SWAPP App

Vindico’s SWAPP app and the WRU will be partnering once again to keep players, staff, and contractors safe.


Following successful Autumn International and Six Nations campaigns, the WRU are again turning to SWAPP to keep everyone safe during their upcoming Wales U20 Six Nations tournament.


SWAPP’s latest adoption by the WRU follows the EIHL’s successful Elite Series tournament at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena.


It will also be the first to extend SWAPP’s track and trace capabilities beyond the stadium.


“This latest gig for SWAPP will see it being used by the WRU’s teams and staff at Principality Stadium, as well as the teams looking after players and staff at each of the six allocated hotels in the city,” explained Vindico MD, Jo Polson.


“This latest extension will not only keep everyone at the stadium, both and off the pitch, safe and compliant, but will also make sure that all staff at the hotels are safe to work and make contact with the tournament’s teams and staff.”


“Additions including accreditation standards, access zones, daily COVID testing, and outputting data direct to the NHS have all been added. SWAPP will continue to evolve to play its part in bringing events back safely, and we’re looking forward to the next challenge.”


The safety app – which is a bespoke version of the original app we created for Transport for Wales – features a handy QR code scanner, valuable track and trace, and pre-registration features. It also monitors standards and accreditations. This makes sure that all members of staff and contractors are up-to-date and meet the current required guidelines.


We’re also continually enhancing SWAPP Lite’s safety features. Its latest features include accreditation standards, access zones, daily COVID testing, and the ability to output data directly to the NHS. A fire register, and a new look sign in/out book are among the latest app updates.


SWAPP is playing a valuable part in bringing sport back safely to stadiums and arenas across the UK. And as we gradually ease lockdown restrictions, we’re looking forward to seeing this valuable app continue to evolve.


Got a team, organisation, or venue that could benefit from SWAPP? Drop us a line to see how its tailored features can help you stay safe and compliant.

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