Make That a Double: Vindico Partners with Penderyn Distillery Again

Vindico is kicking off 2021 with an exciting new digital project for Penderyn Distillery.

It’s not the first time Vindico have partnered with Penderyn Distillery. We first worked with the famed Welsh whisky makers in 2016 – back when their tour bookings system was as aged as their bourbon.

But thanks to some #ThinkPurple attitude, we worked with the hugely talented whisky-makers to digitise their distillery tours and vouchers. To date, this new system has raised almost £1m in revenue. The dreaded bookings diary is also finally gone!

In fact, it’s been such a hit that, since going live, the new site and booking system has now been translated into Welsh, French, German and Chinese.

But fast-forward to today, and we couldn’t be happier to work with Penderyn again.

This time around, they’re putting the Penderyn e-commerce site in our hands. With UX (user experience) at the forefront, we’ll be combining the existing standalone site with our current digital platform to deliver a single, intuitive shopping cart experience to all visitors.

Watch this space for a full case study.

Cheers to this!

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