Creating a Digital Presence For Charities in Wales

Having a digital presence has never been so important for charities and third sector organisations. Here’s how we’re helping.

A charity, voluntary, or a community group’s website has never been so important – especially in these socially distanced times.

Luckily, we know a thing or two about creating a digital presence for charities. And we’re continuing to use our tech savvy for good in 2021.

Our Purple Vinjas are known for making all singing, all dancing websites with UX in mind. But we’re less known for donating our skills to causes and initiatives we support.

That’s right, we at Vindico donate our skills to causes and initiatives we support. And we do this by increasing the digital presence of charities throughout the year – year in, year out.

“It’s an important part of our ethos,” says Vindico MD, Jo.

“We never turn down an opportunity to help someone if it’s possible. Our ability to support important causes has grown with our capabilities. What started as simple tech support for initiatives that we support has grown to full websites and even applications.

Speaking of which, we’ve donated several websites to worthy charities, non-profits and causes over the years. Our most recent websites include Welsh Rugby Former Players Association, Burry Port RNLI, and volunteer group S.A.N.

Our first donation of 2021 is a website for Your Black Dog – a Welsh non-profit that’s tackling mental health.

“Your Black Dog is a wonderful example of a cause we’re particularly passionate about,” says Jo.

“Mental health is a hot topic thanks to the sudden change, social isolation, unemployment, and general unrest that the COVID-19 Pandemic has brought. We as a team couldn’t be prouder to work with founders Marc and Andrew on this new project.

“What’s cool about the team at Vindico is, not only do they take their time to get to know what you are trying to achieve, but they do so whilst investing their time getting to know you as a person too,” says Your Black Dog Co-Founder Andrew McCarthy.

“They’ve been accessible virtually 24/7, really interested in what we are trying to achieve, and have become true partners in what we are going to deliver.”

“There may be certain limitations in what we can offer,” adds Jo, “but we are always looking for the next worthwhile cause to support.”

Do you have a worthwhile cause in need of better digital presence? We’d love to hear from you. You can drop us a line and tell us about your cause by emailing us at


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