Consultation shapes everything we do. It’s what we at Vindico call #ThinkPurple.

It means asking better questions to deliver better outcomes. And it’s more than a catchy slogan. It’s our ethos, our mission, it underpins everything we do, and it’s what our clients know and trust.

It’s a methodology born from decades of experience working on projects of all shapes and sizes. And it’s this foundation of understanding that allows us to work with your to make better decisions for successful outcomes.

We’re also not afraid of quick turnarounds, tight timeframes and big challenges. In fact, we thrive most when the pressure’s on.

Here’s how…

Vindico over-delivered. The scope kept changing and they continually added the requests to the system with smiles on their faces. SWAPP has totally transformed and improved contractor and visitor management for us at Transport for Wales - especially from a safety point of view in a very safety critical industry
Kieran Hickman, Transport for Wales
  • Strategic Consultancy

    We ask the hard questions, gather and analyse the most relevant information, and develop innovative strategies that create value. Sounds inmpressive yes? We developed our skills in the real world so they deliver in the real world.

  • Data Analysis

    You’ve got data, and lots of it! If you’re like most companies, you’re struggling to transform fragmented and complex information into actionable insights for better decision making and increased business impact. We can bring that level or expertise to your business and projects.

  • Process Review & Efficiency

    Before implementing change we need to understand what we have, how it works, and could it be improved simply. This low hanging fruit on projects can deliver significant impact in minimum time, setting the foundation for the future change and challenges ahead.

  • Human Factors

    The effect between a human and technology. From ergonomics to process efficiency and training, working with our HF Partner K Sharp we deliver a robust review and consultation on your project.

  • Visualisation

    Running your company requires good decision making. This requires research and analysis, none of which can be done without data. But data alone won’t help. You need to organize and present it in a way that clearly answers the questions that will drive you to correct, measured decisions.

  • Create Specifications

    This is the most undervalued service we provide, but one of the most essential. By committing time to consider and analyse all level of interactions and users touchpoints we can create a framework to build our development on, greatly reducing the number of future gremlins!

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