Vindico’s #ThinkPurple Approach – and why businesses love it so much

Vindico’s Head of Partnerships, Rhys Perkins, explains how a simple #ThinkPurple approach is helping us build solid client relationships

If you know Vindico, you know we love purple. Just look around this web page and you’ll see plenty of it. But it’s more than just a colour.

Our signature #ThinkPurple approach shapes everything we do at Vindico – and it’s more than just a catchy slogan. It means asking better questions to deliver better outcomes. It’s our ethos, our mission, it underpins everything we do, and it’s what our clients love and trust.

Our #ThinkPurple approach has also helped us build solid, long-lasting client relationships that span almost a decade. And the #ThinkPurple word’s spreading. It’s the reason why so many new clients have joined us both during and since the pandemic – and why they trust Vindico to solve some of their biggest problems.

The formula is simple,” says Vindico’s Head of Relationships Rhys Perkins. “We ask better questions to deliver better outcomes. Or #ThinkPurple if you will.”

But what really makes clients stick with Vindico?

“The key is spending time within our diagnostic sessions to let our client talk about their business,” says Rhys.

“We take the time to discuss what they do, and how they do it. We also encourage our clients talk about where they are struggling and identify any barriers they face to sustainable growth. We explain how we work, and you can always see that ‘Aha!’ moment as clients and prospects connect the dots.

“The findings from our diagnostic sessions then enable us to build a roadmap so all parties know what the expectations are. This builds trust and helps us get our clients on track to more efficient operations and sustainable growth.”

So far so good, but how does more efficient operations and sustainable growth occur?

“We look at the full business process and long-term strategy in order to support a business through the change process,” explains Rhys.

“Our clients are increasingly seeing the benefits of outsourcing to us, and we are forming more and more tech and transformation partnerships. This type of collaboration requires a lot of trust – and we build on this in our own unique way. This trust and transparency means our clients are comfortable showing us all aspects of the business. It also means we can work together to build future sustainability.”

And sustainability is something Vindico knows a thing or two about. Some of our clients have been with us since we started back in 2104, but we are seeing more and more clients coming to us since the pandemic ended

“Businesses are now looking for solutions to help them work smarter and more effectively,” says Rhys.

“Lockdowns have given many businesses the chance to really look at their processes and see how they can work more effectively, communicate better with staff and clients, and automate processes and systems that get in the way of people doing their jobs.

“We are also seeing a lot more businesses looking at how they engage with their staff. Since the pandemic, we are incedingly working with businesses to implement smart technology and systems that brings employee wellbeing to the forefront.”

Vindico’s most recent tech partnerships with OOMPH! Wellness and Walters Group do just that.

“As we take on bigger tech partnerships, we’re committed to supporting our clients through the process,” adds Rhys.

“We also like to remind our clients that no idea is a bad idea, and we can help and guide them through tailored software solutions that will help their sustainable growth ambitions, employee wellness, productivity, and automation ambitions become a reality. It really is tech for good, and our #ThinkPurple approach allows us to create the roadmaps that are now transforming businesses sustainably.”

These road maps are now in place for brands including WRU, Principality Stadium, Walters Group, Ministry of Furniture, OOMPH! Wellness, and Transport for Wales.

Could your business benefit from some #ThinkPurple insights? Find out more about our diagnostics sessions, tailored software, and sustainable growth roadmaps by dropping us a line today.

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